Welcome to Nopernik's Attacking Honeypot. ("NAH")

NAH is distributed system, which is located in most parts of the world.
On each system you can find this Terms of Use.

Terms of use.

By using any of provided services, you completely agree with next statements:

1. Once you send me SYN packet to commonly used ports that involved in botnet bruteforce attacks, which include
but not limited to SSH and/or RDP, you provide to "NAH" and the owner exclusive right to attack back in any way your
public IP address, disclose/share/sell your IP and/or data to the public, including wordlist that have been used in
your attack.

2. Once correct credentials recovered, you completely agree and provide to "NAH"/owner/third parties choosed
by the owner exclusive right to perform any manipulation with your machine and/or IP and/or internet access,
you agree to removal of all known/unknown malicious software and/or botnet agents.

3. With that said, you provide to "NAH" and the owner FULL and LEGAL access to your network-connected device.


- My XSS Challenges

Other WEB Challenges (get flag):
These challenges will be automatically reverted every hour.

- Use this site as Egress Firewall Tester. Notice, that all TCP/UDP ports are open here.
    Scan examples:
    nmap -p 1000-1010 -n -sS -v sudo.co.il
    nmap -p 1000-1010 -n -sU --data 41 -v sudo.co.il

- Use Out-of-Band DNS Exfiltration tool: nc sudo.co.il 5353 and follow instructions.

- Visit my blog

- Bruteforce my SSH. Try your luck :)

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